The time has come for the transformation of processes with more possibilitiesinnovationtechnologyresultsefficiencydynamismpersonalityadaptation .

We offer tools for improving industrial processes and highly personalized communication

The new way to manage and improve processes in the corporate, political and social environment.

The Oklac Fifty Custom system is 100% personalized and created through studies and analyzes to meet your needs in the most diverse processes with robust applications of intelligent communication.

Secure Dynamic.

With Oklac Fifty Custom features, you can optimize and improve your day-to-day activities, personalized and automating data according to your needs.

With the most modern programming services in Front-end, Back-end, Mobile, Database, Frameworks and others, our codes guarantee better speed, security and quality in the transport and treatment of your data.

The Oklac Fifty Custom system is ideal for solving process problems, with a focus on digitizing, automating and optimizing.

Save time, cut costs and get there faster.

Experience all the possibilities of managing and managing information in a simplified and personalized way for your way of seeing, your way of being.

Allow yourself to discover a new world of management totally customized to your needs, all built in detail.

Adapted for election campaigns and useful for the term of office.

Inform, chat, get closer to your voters, supporters and staff.

Interact with whomever you want through Oklac Fifty Custom join your social media in one place or how about creating one just for you? This is also possible, you can imagine, we created it!


With complete privacy and security, the
Oklac Fifty Custom system receives, treats, generates, transforms and disseminates your information with whomever you want with the security you need.

Automate the learning process with dynamic and interactive self-study solutions.

The OFC system has intelligent coding that allows you to find shared information in seconds, helping in problem solving and sharing learning methods.


You imagine, we created.

Understand the needs of our customers and offer the best solutions, focusing on expanding their business in a sustainable and continuous manner.

We are Oklac Comunicação , a digital solutions and communication company ready to carry out your project with the best quality and creativity.

We are experts in planning and developing intelligent solutions for digital communication. We serve our customers in a unique and complete way, from the consulting process to the completion of digital solutions and applications. In addition, we operate in the fields of traditional communication, marketing and administration.

Focusing on the latest technology trends and the most contemporary concepts of marketing and communication, we aim to combine all our expertise with the needs of customers, developing customized solutions and creative.


Yuri Teles


Marcia Alves

OFC Manager

Jaqueline Ribeiro

Requirements Analysis and Consulting

Caren Jeniffer

Programming Manager

Rodrigo Ribeiro

Manufacturing supervisor

Jonas Paz

Technology and development consultant – business expert

Gabriella Fonseca

Web strategy driven by data, SEO and UX

Oklac Comunicação
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